Citrine Tumbled Stones

  • Citrine Tumbled Stones
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  • Size available: 2-3 cm 
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Citrine is the perfect stone to improve your business or own wealth. The tumbled stone in its clear form is believed to clear unfriendly energy and to drive away the bad spirits. It is sometimes used in the alignment of the Solar Plexus in the body. Citrine as stone holds a part of the natural properties of earth, that that is clear and light in movement. Used in healing to improve relationships and the clarity of judgment in them.

Tumbled stones are stones such as minerals and crystals that have been surface treated, which gives them their smooth appearance and texture. They are often treated manually and/or by machinery. These stones are often used for decoration, jewelry, and notably in healing practices. The tumbled characteristic of the stone differentiates it from crystals and minerals in their natural form.

These are unique on its own, they can vary slightly in size and colors.