Cinema Light Box

Cinema Light Box

You can create a vintage cinema atmosphere to your cinema Light Box, just by putting the film title or an inspirational quote from your favorite movie. This light box has 96 interchangeable letters, characters and symbols to choose from. You can customize as well, can also be used as a reminder, or suggestions. Best decorative Light box to add a touch while watching a movie. You can create your own DIYs quotes, and set up a good ambiance around you. Also widely used on different occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. 

  • Size: 30x22x4.5 cm 

  • Contains:

          1 Cinema Light Box
          1 balck letter pack including 96 interchangeable tiles with letters, characters and symbols
          1 USB cable **

** You can use the USB cable: 5V 1A or battery powered: 6*AA 1.5V
*** Can purchase extra tiles separately at our shop 

Interchangeable Tiles for Light Box:


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