Chakra Stone Set

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Chakra Stone Set

There are 7 major Chakra centers of the physical body, where vital energy flows and intersects.  Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.


Opens and activates crown chakra

Rose Quartz

Loving energy to the heart chakra

Balances energies of all chakras

Smoky Quartz

Balances and heals emotional wounds at the heart chakra

Quartz Crystal

Root chakra

Opens all chakras

Tiger eye

Activates crown chakra, clarity of consciousness

Promotes intuition at the solar plexus chakra

Enhances psychic ability at the third eye chakra

Green Jade

A crystal of love

prevents illness while on holiday

Support chakra

Red Carnelian

Attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.

More information refer to our Crystal Healing

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