Cat Acupuncture Model

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Cat Acupuncture Model

Safe and painless, feline veterinary acupuncture is becoming more and more popular. Designed as a reference tool for household pets, this cat acupuncture model will inspire pet owners’ trust, and it is a great prop to explain different procedures to prospective clients. 

Our bestselling plastic cat model is mounted on a wooden base. Clearly showing bones, muscles and tissues, the model also illustrates 36 numbered acupuncture points and includes an instruction manual for point location and treatment recommendations. 

  • Plastic cat model mounted on a wooden base. 
  • One side of the model shows 36 numbered acupuncture points and the other side shows muscles, bones and tissue.
  • Used as reference for veterinarians.
  • Includes a manual for point locations and recommended treatments.
  • Model size: 11.8"X6.5" (30X16cm)

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