Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser Gift Pack

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Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser Gift Pack

Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser Gift Pack

An ideal gift for the holiday season! Sure to please serious aromatherapy enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Save $40!

Feeling stressed, tense? The Casa Diffuser can lift your mood and help you relax during those tough days. This diffuser’s gorgeous, cutting-edge design sets it apart as one of the best choices on the market for serious aromatherapy enthusiasts.  Producing 2.5 million ultrasound vibrations per second, this ultrasonic device emits one of the highest frequencies of vibrations on the market. It diffuses essential oils without overheating them and compromising their integrity, allowing you to enjoy greater health benefits. Its subtle LED light and beautiful, smooth porcelain exterior ensure that it will beautifully complement your home décor – also doubling as a great night light.  This diffuser is easy to use, quiet, and can run for up to seven hours, covering an area of 50 m² or 540 square feet!

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