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For gentle relief!

This wonderful balm is fragrant with the aromas of the boreal forest, and it evokes long hikes in the wilderness. Featuring white pine, black spruce and fir essential oils, it is particularly soothing for muscular and articular tensions and pain, without causing the sometimes unpleasant burning sensation that excess menthol and camphor can bring about. These charming aromas also create a bewitching atmosphere.

L’Herbier’s therapeutic massage balms offer you a soft mixture of dry, hypo-allergenic, organic oils, organic plants soaked for several months directly from our workshop, and 100% pure, top-quality essential oils.

This remarkably soft balm is made from organic vegetal oils with among others soybean oil and organic-vegetal butter, dry rice oil and anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E. Featuring calendula flower extracts, fir, white pine and black spruce essential oils, this balm is beloved for its use in back, muscle and articulation massages.

  • Silky, soft texture with a great glide
  • Non-irritating for skin and eyes
  • Woodsy aroma that is simultaneously stimulating and relaxing
  • Great for patients that are sensitive to menthol and camphor
  • Useful for massages treating back pain, muscular and articular tensions, arthritis and rheumatism


Approximate quantity for medium-sized individuals in summer. For legs and feet: 15ml.

Warm in palms before applying. Once the balm is thoroughly heated, apply gradually, without too much pressure, until it penetrates the skin on the whole treated region. Massage torso without forgetting the sides, then move to ankles and thighs with light, circular movements.

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