Blue Mango

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Blue Mango

A delightfully sweet and light mix of mango and sencha: perfect for making ice tea in the summer!
Sencha is a traditional type of Japanese tea. Its taste is characteristically grassy, and reminiscent of the sea, but also faintly sweet. Mango offsets sencha beautifully, lifting its faintly fruity flavour and complementing its naturally herbal taste.
If you are curious about sencha, this is a great introduction – it isn’t too intense, and perhaps less of an acquired taste – but it’s also a wonderfully versatile fruit tea.

Preparation suggestions:

1 teaspoon of tea per cup; steeping 3-7 minutes in boiling water; consume “straight up” or add milk and sugar to taste. If you find that this tea has too much of an umami (seaweed) taste, add lemon. Refrigerate and add honey, lemon and ice to taste to make ice tea. 

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