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Is an electric massage table right for you?

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Strong, sturdy and adjustable, electric massage tables can be fantastic assets for therapists, practitioners and specialists. They allow users to fluidly transition between positions for their clients – often by just pressing a button! – and give off an air of unmistakable professionalism. For many people considering buying one, however, they may seem like just too big of a commitment: electric massage tables, after all, are heavier, tend to be stationary and can be more expensive than a simple portable massage table. In their favor, too, they also tend to last longer, and their warranties tend to span several years.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing an electric massage table, then, include the following:

Salon Massage Table

Do I have a reliable, long-term clinic space?

If you are still trying to find a good location for your practice, or if you need to move between practice spaces frequently, an electric massage table may be an additional burden. If this is the case, you may consider either renting an electric massage table, or purchasing a portable massage tables: both these options will give you the flexibility you need until you finally settle on a space.

Can I afford one?

Lierre-Electric-Massage-Tables-Lift-StandardThe answer may surprise you! While it is true that electric massage tables tend to be more expensive than their portable counterparts, improvements and innovations in the industry have ensured that their prices are now becoming more and more comparable. Lierre’s Electric Lift Standard, for example, is relatively affordable, and, given its durability, it is likely to pay back for itself: massage therapists may have to replace their massage tables more than once in the span of time it would take for this product to become outdated. It may be the case that you simply can’t afford not to get one!

What kind of practice do I have?

Lierre-tilt-massage-tableElectric massage tables are especially well-suited for clinic spaces with a heavy volume of clients, and particularly adapted for certain types of practice: massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, tattoo artists, and acupuncturists alike greatly benefit from the added flexibility provided by these tables. If you do not require your clients to move very much, however, but you still would rather purchase a sturdy model that will last you through the years, you may want to opt for a comfortable stationary table. Beginners, students, or therapists who do home visits but still require an extra range of movement may also prefer Lierre’s portable Tilt massage table.


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