Cupping Supplies

Golden Plastic 17 Cupping Set
Written by MingYue ZHANG

This cupping set gets all the little details right. The cups themselves are made from the highest grade of plastic, which means that their quality are completely unaffected by sterilization, while the hand pump and connection tube are extremely well designed, making many improvements on the standard models: the tube seals better, and the pump is smoother.


Gold trim makes the cups particularly aesthetically pleasing. Even the case itself is light, durable, and pretty, making it a pleasure to carry these cups around.


  • 13 large cups, and four smaller ones of different diameters

1x 3cm

1x 3.5 cm

1x 4cm

1x 5 cm

13 x 5.5 cm

  • 6 removable magnets that are easy to install in the cups
  • aesthetically pleasing design
  • smooth, powerful hand pump
  • solid, sealing connection tube
  • highest quality of plastic: unaffected by sterilization
  • light, durable, beautiful case

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