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Facial Silicone Cupping Benefits and Advantages

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Written by MingYue ZHANG

Facial cupping is an all-natural way to make you look instantly more rested and radiant, and to accentuate the contours of your face. Gliding silicone cups on your cheeks can help reduce puffiness, and increase blood circulation, which will in turn make your skin glow. Using the small cups around the contours of your eyes will eliminate dark circles and pouches, and sliding them across the lines around your brows, they can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This natural treatment is extremely easy to master, and all the equipment you need is both durable and affordable: a single set of silicone cups will last you years of daily use, and retails for less than thirty dollars.

Rosehip Organic Beauty Oil

Rosehip Organic Beauty Oil

Cupping treatments are especially effective when used in conjunction with silicone brushes and beauty oils. Silicone brushes reach deep inside your pores to exfoliate and clean them,

facilitating absorption of nutrients, balancing oil production, and letting your face just breathe. When paired with a beauty oil – such as rosehip or jojoba – this effect is intensified, as the oils will also work to balance sebum production and deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Beauty oils then make it easier to glide cups across your face, which will increase lymphatic and blood circulation.

These aren’t, however, the only advantages of facial cupping. This massage technique will also emphasize your cheekbones and firm up your jaw line, as well as give your pores a final deep cleaning.



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