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Bleu Lavande Intense Massage Gel 250ml

Created from extracts of cypress, juniper, mint and lavender essential oil, this intense gel can help relieve the discomfort associated with tired legs and muscle pains. This intense gel relaxes, tone..


Blue Perfume Soap 165g

Our signature lavender soap draws from the boundless properties of lavender essential oil. It offers an array of physical and psychological benefits: a guarantee of peace and well-being. You’ll be the..


Body Butter 250ml

Made for dry skin or very dry skin, this body butter is made of 99.5% natural ingredients. Enriched with shea butter and true lavender essential oil, this refreshing body butter nourishes, soothes and..


Extravagance Soap 165 g

 Extravagance soap combines the remarkable properties of the essential oils of soothing lavender and stimulating patchouli, bringing a touch of the exotic into your daily life.  Ideal for dry or sensi..


Foaming bath 250ml

Thanks to its moisturizing formula, this bath foam softens and revitalizes the skin. Inhale the soothing scents of true lavender essential oil : you’ll love its calming, relaxing and recuperative effe..


Good Night Gift Set SOLD OUT

Good Night Gift Set

The Goodnight Gift Set includes a 250ml bottle of bubble bath, a 60ml bottle of linen water, and a scented pouch: three products that can help you integrate the gentle and relaxing scent of lave..


Gourmand Hand cream 50ml SOLD OUT

Gourmand Hand cream 50ml

This hand cream is an intensive treatment for dry hands, feet, knees and elbows. This moisturizing cream will restore the skin’s softness and suppleness through the healing virtues of the lavender, or..


Gourmet Soap 165 g

The Gourmet soap is a heady blend of lavender, orange and lemon essential oils – a real treat for the senses! The calming properties of lavender mingle with the energizing effects of orange and lemon ..


Lavander Ess.oil Roll-on 2 - 3 Days

Lavander Ess.oil Roll-on

Amongst many benefits, a few drops of lavender essential oil has revitalizing, antibacterial and relaxing properties. Lavander essential oil is gentle enough to be applied directly on the skin, and co..


Lavander tea 55g

This lavender tea helps with digestion and offers the soothing qualities of lavender. It will usher you into a deep, refreshing sleep and delightful dreams. ..


Lavender Hand Cream 250ml

The lightly perfumed hand soap is made from high-quality ingredients, such as True Lavender essential oil, glycerine, and castor oil. This powerful moisturizing formula is calming, and leaves hands fe..


Lavender Sweetness Set SOLD OUT

Lavender Sweetness Set

The healing, nourishing qualities of this lavender lip balm will protect your lips from chafing and dryness caused by the harsh effects of wind, cold and sun. This practical, pocket size lip balm is a..


Linen water 500 ml

Lavender linen water does not stain, deters mites and leaves your laundry subtly fragrant of a hint of lavender. Imagine your clothing, bedding and home all imbued with the irrestible scent of lavende..


Lip balm 10ml SOLD OUT

Lip balm 10ml

The healing, nourishing qualities of lavender will protect your lips from chafing and dryness caused by the harsh effects of wind, cold and sun. This practical, pocket size lip balm is an essential (a..


Little Bath Gift Set SOLD OUT

Little Bath Gift Set

The Little Bath gift set contains all the essentials to make the most out of the bath time. Let the sweet smell of lavender essential oil transport you to springtime fields in bloom for a complete rel..


Miss Vanille Body Soap 165g

The lush blend of sweet vanilla and fragrant lavender… a soap that incorporates the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of True Lavender essential oil and vanilla extract. An antibacterial soap that refres..


Must Have Gift Set SOLD OUT

Must Have Gift Set

The Must Have gift set contains a 50 ml lavender hand cream, a antibacterial gel 60 ml and a 10 ml lip balm.This hand cream contains lavender essential oil and deeply hydrates dry hands, knees and..


The Lovers Body Soap 165g

The Lovers soap is a harmonious blend of the essential oils of lavender, orange and basil. Those combined ingredients offer regenerative and toning properties, creating a soothing effect on the body, ..


Tiny and Sweet Gift Set

The Tiny and Sweet gift set contains an 85g Blue Perfume soap, a 30ml body butter and a 50ml lavender hand cream.Our signature lavender soap draws from the boundless properties of lavender essenti..


Travel Kit Set SOLD OUT

Travel Kit Set

If you’re heading off on a getaway or a vacation, don’t forget to pack this travel kit! All your favorite products in a handy mini-format: 60 ml bath foam, 60 ml shower gel, 60 ml shampoo and 60 ml bo..