Beauty Bar 24K for Face Massage

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  • Comes in a rod shape with a T shaped head
  • With its micro vibration function, this multifunctional beauty bar can vibrate 6,000-7,000 times per minute for facial, hand and feet skin care.
  • Stimulate the growth of skin cells and provides instant lifting of sagging skin
  • Improve skin appearance and reduces wrinkles to offer a youthful and glowing appearance


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Benefits of the Beauty Bar:

  • Great for a daily skin massage

  • Instantly tightens and lifts your skin

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Restores skin radiance, firmness and elasticity

  • Helps skincare products to deeply penetrate into your skin

  • Decreases fine lines, wrinkles and eye pouches

  • Adapts to face’s contours

Product features:

  • Coated in 24K Gold, and adapts to any skin type

  • The "T" head design can easily reach the smallest parts of the face

  • Industry leading powerful 6000-7000 vibrations per minute

  • Waterproof structure design, suitable to use in bathroom

  • Safe, without any side effects

  • Easy to use, whenever and wherever possible relax

  • Compact and lightweight and comes with a travel pouch to take with you anywhere on the go

  • Power: 1.5V 5AA batteries

How to use it:

  • Clean your face and then apply nourishing skin care products, such as creams and lotions

  • Turn on the rotary switch at the bottom of the Beauty Bar and lightly grasp it in the lower part of the handle

  • Gently press the T-shaped Beauty Bar tip against your skin and slowly slide it up and down, inward and outward your face. Make sure you move the massager alongside the muscles and in the direction lymph circulation. For wrinkle areas, like neck, eye corner and mouth corner, please repeat several times.

  • Use twice a day, 3 minutes at a time for optimal results


Do not use the Beauty Bar while wearing make-up

  • Remove the battery from the device if not in use for a long time

  • Clean with a soft cloth after every use