Beauty & Skin Care

Awaken your senses with Lierre's selection of natural skin care products by Divine Essence and L'Herbier!

Lierre went above and beyond in trying to pick only the crème de la crème in skin care. You will adore these genuinely exquisite products, whether you use them in massage or as a part of your beauty regimen. Our selection of shea butter balms will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant, and our divinely rich choco-mint cream and mask is sure-fire cure for dull looking skin - and for the midweek blues! Both our anticellulite and skinbrush kits are at the cutting edge of innovative skincare, making your skin looking firmer and giving it a healthy glow. The most important step to have flawless skin and makeup is the base, the foundation of everything, so that starts with having good skincare, especially natural skincare.