Bao He Wan

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Bao He Wan

This Traditional Chinese Medicine formula helps stimulate digestion and regulate the stomach’s function. Used to treat constipation, abdominal distention and pains due to digestive problems, gas, acid reflux and loss of appetite.

Only available to qualified TCM practitioners.

IngredientsMedicinal Ingredients per Capsule Crataegus pinnatifida (Hawthorn, charred / Aubépine) Fruit (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait : 3.3:1, 140.6mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 42.9 mg Pinellia ternata (Pinellia, Processed) Rhizome (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait 3.3:1, 46.88mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 15.0 mg Massa fermentata (Medicated leaven, stir-baked / Levure médicamenté) Prumus armniaca kernel, Artemisia annua whole plant, Polygonium hydropiper whole plant, Xanthium sibiricum whole plant, Vigna umbellata seed, Triticum aestivum bran (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait : 1.02:1, 46.88mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 45.9 mg Poria cocos (Poria) Sclerotium (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait : 9.0:1, 23.44mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 2.6 mg Citrus reticulata (Tangerine peel / peau de mandarine) Pericarp (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait : 4.5:1, 23.44mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 5.2 mg Hordeum vulgare (Malt / Orge commune) Seed (Extract ratio / Rapport d’extrait : 8.4:1, 23.44mg dried equivalent / équivalent sec) 2.8 mg Non-medicinal ingredient / Ingrédients non médicaux: Corn Starch / Amidon

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