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  • Converting your normal sitting chair to an exercise tool within seconds.

  •  Bumps on the cushion can stimulate acupoints and reflexology zone to help boosting body circulation

  • Cushion improves standing, sitting, kneeling or prone positions.

  • A great alternative to an exercise ball

  • Lightweight, with a great weight capacity: up to 300lbs!

  • Two different surfaces on each side: bumps on one side, raised nubs on the other.


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This portable and easy to use inflated balance cushion makes an excellent support for yoga, balance exercises, meditation, or other sports and fitness exercises.  The balance cushion is also widely used in rehabilitation because it can help to strengthen and stabilize trainee’s ankles, knees, core and shoulders. It’s also useful as a support for balance, stability and agility training. The unique texture design with two different kinds of bumps on two sides would help with maintain circulation.

Product details:

Product name

Balance cushion

Product material


Product size

35cm (13 ¾”) diameter

Product weight

0.84 kg (1.85 lbs)

Weight Capacity



Blue, purple


Improve balance, stability and strength of body


Anti-burst, non-slips surface, durable, safe for kids


Water or wet towel


A pump

It includes a pump and can easily be inflated to desired thickness. Easy to inflate (included with pump) and deflate, so that you can take it with you anywhere.


The cushion can be used in a variety of positions for different types of exercises. Standing on the cushion stimulates reflexology zones to improve body circulation, and helps develop agility in your legs and strengthens your core. Sitting on the cushion helps maintain proper sitting posture, therefore preventing many potential physiological problems, strengthening core muscles and improving balance. Kneeling on the cushion can help you focus on core, back and thigh muscles.

We recommend people who interested in body weight training to purchase two balance cushions.

The unstable surface forces you to adjust yourself using micro-movements constantly to stay balanced, which are great for your core and general flexibility.