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The model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator  with 4 Outputs is a newly designed unit.

It features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation and numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available on the market.

Power source: 9 volt battery 
Size, weight, color:6" x 4.2" x 2.2", 330 gm, Gray

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Technical details
Output Channels5 (1 hand probe, 4 intensity channels)
Pulse RateX1-1 to 100 Hz, X10- 10 to 999 Hz
Volts and currentLow 0 to 9 volts, 0 to 18 mA (milliamps), High 0 to 20 volts, 0 to 40 mA (milliamps)
Pulse widthX1 350 microseconds (µS), at X10 40 microseconds (µS)
Pulse shapeBiphasic rectangular wave
Wave formAdjustable, dense-disperse, and intermittent
Display Light: GreenGreen light shows power and pulse rate speed for all channels, Green light turns on when an acupuncture point is found (meter displays value from 1 to 100 or 150)
Display Light: YellowYellow light turns on when battery is low power,A yellow light turns on when switching function from LOC to STIM; it indicates that location output channel is now working as a stimulation channel

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