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  • AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator  with 4 Outputs is a newly designed unit.
  • It features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation and numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points.
  • This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available on the market.
  • Power source: 9 volt battery 
  • Size, weight, color:6" x 4.2" x 2.2", 330 gm, Gray
Technical Specifications
Output Channels 5 (1 hand probe, 4 intensity channels)
Pulse Rate X1-1 to 100 Hz, X10- 10 to 999 Hz
Volts and current Low 0 to 9 volts, 0 to 18 mA (milliamps), High 0 to 20 volts, 0 to 40 mA (milliamps)
Pulse width X1 350 microseconds (µS), at X10 40 microseconds (µS)
Pulse shape Biphasic rectangular wave
Wave form Adjustable, dense-disperse, and intermittent
Display Light: Green Green light shows power and pulse rate speed for all channels, Green light turns on when an acupuncture point is found (meter displays value from 1 to 100 or 150)
Display Light: Yellow Yellow light turns on when battery is low power,A yellow light turns on when switching function from LOC to STIM; it indicates that location output channel is now working as a stimulation channel
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