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Anti-Snoring clip

The real way to spend quiet nights ...The anti snore clip is a plastic ring with two Neodyme magnets. It can be comfortably worn between nostrils, magnetically stimulating the nose’s sensory nerv..


Magnetic Beauty Mask

Magnetic masks naturally enhance your beauty. Twenty magnets placed around the forehead, cheeks and chin will give you a radiant, youthful look by reducing facial tensions. Made from comfortable foam,..


Magnetic Eye Mask

Magnetic masks relieve ocular tensions and fatigue. Thirteen magnets placed around the eyes will facilitate reading, diminish discomfort and reduce dark circles. Made from comfortable foam, this mask ..


Magnetic Foot Massage Roller SOLD OUT

Magnetic Foot Massage Roller

The simple way to feel good: relaxation, tranquility, stimulationThis  magnetic foot massage roller massages and tones the 72,000 nerve endings in the arch of the foot and stimulates your ener..


Magnetic insoles

These discreet insoles can be slipped into your shoes to relieve aching feet. Six powerful Neodyme magnets in each insole relax tense muscles all throughout the day, preventing long term pain. These i..


Magnetic Tinnitus Earpiece

Magnetic earpieces can provide powerful relief from various types of non-traumatic tinnitus. Sleeping with these comfortable earpieces reduces buzzing sounds. Consult a doctor to ensure that this type..


Ophthalmic Juvelys® Mask

Magnetic masks relieve facial and ocular tensions. With a similar effect to our magnetic ocular mask, Ophthalmic Juvelys® mask has an additional feature: it includes magnets around the forehead and si..


Rollmag Magnetic Massage Roller

The Rollmag is massage tool with a dual effect: first, its rubber spikes stimulate the nerve endings of the body, and secondly, its magnets powerful restore the energy balance of the body. Ideal for r..