With our gorgeous ultrasonic diffusers, hand crafted incense and holders and organic essential oils, we've assembled aromatherapists' dream supplies. Lierre carries Shoyeido brand Japanese incense, reputed for its generations of craftsmanship and sublime scents, and Divine Essence's line of ethically sourced, pure and organic essential oils, as well as some of their more affordable versions of these products.


Our selection of diffusers includes the truly exceptional Casa model, which is quiet as a whisper and can diffuse essential oils across even large spaces; we also stock budget-friendly, beautiful ultrasonic diffusers such as the Vase, Magic Circle and Aladdin's Lamp models. You'll also find simple fan and candle diffusers, which are great for stress relief and creating an atmosphere. Our lovely gift sets of Shoyeido incenses and holders make fantastic introductions to Japanese style incense, whether you're looking for an elegant gift for someone important in your life, or to try them out for yourself!


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Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser

 Feeling stressed, tense? The Casa Diffuser can lift your mood and help you relax during those tough days. This diffuser’s gorgeous, cutting-edge design sets it apart as one of the best choice..