Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Roller

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The dual action of the two types of ends on this roller makes for a particularly intense and effective massage.

This high quality plastic roller is easy to manipulate and comfortable to grip. It can be used as a massage tool, and can activate points along your meridians, releasing muscle tension, temporarily increasing blood circulation and smoothing out your skin. Great for travelling, its small, compact shape makes it extremely versatile: you could use it on your arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and any other body areas where you would like to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You could use it with massage oils, lotions or balms for a rejuvenating skin treatment!

Grapefruit essential oil is especially well regarded for its ability to smooth cellulite. One of the main ingredients in L’Herbier’s Detox gel, it’s therefore our favourite recommendation for anti-cellulite treatments.

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Roll on the area you would like to reduce cellulite.

Start with little pressure on the areas and then increase the pressure gradually.

Clean after use.


Do not press too hard on your skin

Stop use if you feel uncomfortable

Keep out of children’s reach

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