Amethyst Crystal Point for Acupressure

Amethyst Crystal Point for Acupressure

Crystals have always been part of the human life, in different cultures, and different religions. It has been used in a spirituous way as well. The amethyst is known for their calming properties. It helps patient to relax, to relief anxiety and stress. Amethyst crystal is like a guard to any negative energy, and bring in positive ones, and by doing so, it helps memory, motivation and better decision-making/critical thinking.

For Acupuncture:

It is because crystal points are mostly practice in acupuncture, where it is used on acupressure. Acupuncturist find the correct pressures, where they apply on the patient’s skins. The point is sharp, which will help the acupuncturist to manipulate precisely and easily, and to apply exactly where the acupoints are. It purifies, clears and cleanses the energy around you.

This crystal point is suitable for anyone who fears needles, and also for children; it can be easily used by anyone at home, by following instructions given by acupuncturists. 

For Personal Use:


  • Made of amethyst crystals, which contains beneficial minerals
  • It is in a shape of a prism with a point
  • Smooth touch
  • Every piece is unique, the color may differ (purple or violet), size can also differ
  • About 6 cm long, 3 cm wide

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