Amethyst Crystal Chip Bracelet

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  • Amethyst is especially powerful at transmuting and purifying energy.
  • Creative uses of this mineral is often seen in jewelry.
  • This is a healing crystal bracelet that will help you to align your vision and to have clear ideas.
  • This Bracelet is made of Chip formed Amethyst and also of Clear Quartz 
  • Both made of Authentic and Real Crystals 


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​​​​​​This crystal transmutes the energy of the old into new and with its violet color calls to the vision of our lives and world. This is why amethyst is used in healing, for the alignment of the third eye. In the bracelet from, carry it around with you as companion and a reminder of the clarity of mind in times of blurred ideas and confusion. 

Unique crystals, so that it may differ from size and colors from another, and comes in a standard size.