Aladdin’s Lamp Diffuser

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  • Easy to clean

  • Comes with a user manual including instructions and troubleshooting

  • Compatible with all micro USB cellphone chargers, USB chargers and car USB chargers

  • Magnetic stand
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Elegant and simple to use, the Aladdin’s Lamp Diffuser has a lovely curved shape, much like a magic lamp. Just open the lid of the water tank to put water and a few drops of essential oils, then close the cover, plug in and turn on the diffuser. Watching the aromatic vapor slowly billow out of this plastic wood grain diffuser will make you want to curl up and read your favourite stories!

This charming diffuser requires a USB port and can be plugged in just about anywhere: whether it’s in your car as a classy air freshener, close to your desktop, or by your nightstand.