• After Shave Organic Essential Oils Set
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A small recipe for you:

2 Tablespoons of Jojoba Oil 

7 drops of Lavender True Oil 

7 drops of Tea Tree Oil 


    This kit is the best to use for post-shaving. It is important to apply lotion after shaving because you want to maintain proper and healthy skin. You want to avoid things like skin irritation, reddening, and inflammation, removal of excessive skin layers, small cuts and ingrown hairs. To do that, you need to make sure you own a proper hydrator and moisturizer as a lotion, and also to calm those inflammation, irritation and small cuts that you might have. And of all, prevent to have ingrown hairs. 

    Jojoba Oil, on its own, can be a great lotion for aftershave because it is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, and it helps the soothing to the skin, and reduce the risk of razor burn. Jojoba Oil is great to use on sensitive skin. However, we want to do more to your skin and to also use essential oils to have better effect, you also want to properly moisturize your skin aftershave, so lavender essential oil will greatly help in that since the lavender oil also have anti-inflammatory properties, but also anti-bacterial and well moisturizing properties. To properly hydrate your skin you can use tea tree oil, and to calm and reduce redness. All these three oils will definitely help you and prevent any harm, such as razor bumps. All these three together will help you prevent ingrown hairs as well. 

    In the past, people were complaining about all the chemicals in the products, and how fragrancy it is, but rest assure, the brand Divine Essence is great for non-added fragrance, and also organic ingredients. Super great and safe to use.