• Acupuncturist Beginner Package
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Acupuncturist Beginner Package

Everything you need to start your practice in one kit! 25% discount!

Please advise sizes of needles in your order note!

This acupuncture set is perfect for acupuncturists who are just starting their practices or for an established practitioner who wants to sample our high quality needles and accessories.

 If you were to buy everything in this kit individually, you would spend $138 and lots of time trying to find everything here. We’ve done the legwork and put together a kit that has everything you need. We’ve even taken 15% off the price it would cost to buy everything here separately!

Sample 5 boxes each of AcuRelaxo and Zagu non-coated needles in your choice of sizes. AcuRelaxo needles are known for their high quality construction and color-coded sizing system. Zagu non-coated needles less risk of silicone allergy, making them an ideal choice for acupuncturists who have sensitive patients.

Our package also lets you sample both plastic and silicone cups. Plastic cups offer a more traditional cupping experience, while silicone cups are flexible making it possible to give your clients a more massage-like experience.

Our kit also includes an alcohol dispenser, a tray for small items like ear seeds and cotton balls, and two 30ml bottles of Zhen GuShui Healing liniment, which is great for stimulating blood circulation.




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