Acupuncture Practice Cushion

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  • Acupuncture Practice Cushion works wonders for needling practice
  • This cushion is designed to replicate the degree of resistance that the human body would offer during acupuncture treatments
  • Dense, waterproof filling to recreate the proper degree of resistance
  • Puncturing this cushion is comparable to inserting a needle in a tendon
  • With its dense filling and durable design, it will last hundreds of practice sessions
  • The inside of the cushion is covered in plastic, making it waterproof
  • Hundreds of cotton sheets are tightly bound inside it to closely replicate muscular tissue
  • Unbleached woven fabric
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 11,5 cm x 5,5cm / 4” x 4.5” x 2”
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