Acupuncture Needles Samples

  • Acupuncture Needles Samples
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Choose from our wide variety of needle brands:

  • Acu Relaxo
  • Acu Relaxo Tab-less
  • Acu Relaxo Bright
  • Lierre
  • Lierre Golden
  • H.L. Seo Won
  • Shinlin
  • Zagu
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Are you interested in trying out a new type of acupuncture needle, but not sure which one to choose? Lierre provides free samples to acupuncturists across North America. Simply specify which brands, and which sizes you’re interested in trying, and we’ll send a small quantity of them to you immediately.

Acupuncture needle samples are only available to qualified practitioners. Free shipping across Canada. US customers need to pay for shipment.