Acu Relaxo™ Press Tack Needles

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Acu Relaxo™ Press Tack Needles

Press tacks are incredibly useful for stimulating acupoints, especially around the ears. Their strong adhesive means that they will stay on the skin longer, and that users don’t have to worry about them falling off mid-treatment. Every pack comes with ten packs of ten sterilized press tacks.

  • Double-taped structure for better safety. The needle base is anchored between two layers of surgical adhesive tape.
  • The tack will not accidentally fall into ear canals or be left behind during removal. 
  • Sterile blister pack with ten tacks
  • Extra comfort: The base is isolated from the skin and will not cause irritation.
  • 0.22X1.6mm
  • 10 press tacks on a plastic carrier.
  • 100 press tacks per box.


  • For qualified practitioners only
  • Do not use if inside package is broken
  • Keep away from heat and moisture
  • keep out of the reach of children

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