Acu Relaxo

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Acu Relaxo 5 Bulk Acupuncture Needles

Acu Relaxo 5 bulk comes in packages of 5 needles per tube; 1000 needles per box.The new Acu Relaxo package design is the best solution for practitioners who require access to more than one needle at o..


Acu Relaxo Acupuncture Needles

Acu Relaxo represents the newest and best in technological innovation in acupuncture needle production. Their products meet practitioners’ needs, providing a smooth and painless insertion, and max..


Acu Relaxo Bright Acupuncture Needles

New! The high-quality Acu Relaxo needles are now available with colour coded plastic handles. Colors correspond to the size of the needles, making it easy to differenciate them. They are perfect for c..


Acu Relaxo Press Tack Needles

Press tacks are incredibly useful for stimulating acupoints, especially around the ears. Their strong adhesive means that they will stay on the skin longer, and that users don’t have to worry abou..


Acu Relaxo Tab-less Acupuncture Needles

Acu Relaxo Tab-less needles enable the practitioner to take the needle out of package and insert into the acupoints, all in one time-saving motion. You don't need to follow the standard two-step n..