Circulatory Remedies

Circulatory Remedies

Looking to improve your blood and lymphatic circulation? Want to get rid of toxins or reduce the appearance of cellulite and edema (water retention)?

Why not try an effective, organic, 100% natural remedy that you can use every day? Our certified essential oils have incredible therapeutic benefits.

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Cedarwood-Atlas Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

The Atlas cedarwood oil works effectively to treat respiratory, circulatory, urinary and dermatological problems. It tones up the body, stimulates the natural defences and offers a sensation of comfor..


Cypress–Evergreen Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

The Cypress – Evergreen, iconic Mediterranean tree, can reach heights of 20 to 30 meters. Highly resistant to cold temperatures (up to -20C), it is favored in carpentry as it stays dry and is virtuall..


Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

Pink grapefruit essential oil calms down or stimulates the nervous system according to needs of each person. It is also very useful when diffused into the air as an antiseptic or as a digestive stimul..