Magnetic Plaster 6000 Gauss, gold

Therapeutic seeds, pellets and magnets - Magnetic Plaster 6000 Gauss, gold |

Magnetic Plaster 6000 Gauss, gold

This twelve piece therapeutic magnet plaster is suitable for advanced magneto-therapy treatments, or alongside another therapeutic approach. Our second strongest magnets available, these healing tools are powerful and effective. The bio-north (negative polarity) is clearly indicated with a small indentation on these gold-plated magnets. Use with caution in consultation with a health professional.

  • 12 gold-plated magnets
  • Magnetic polarity clearly indicated
  • 0.06″ x 0.16″ diameter with 0.8″ diameter plaster
  • 600mT (6000GAUSS)
  • Made in Japan
  • Use with caution


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