Jasmine 5 Essential Oil 5ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

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Jasmine Essential Oil 5% 5ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

An excellent base note, jasmine essential oil has a sweet, uncommon floral scent. It is commonly used in aromatherapy for relaxation and insomnia. Though it may not be initially as pleasant as other oils on its own, jasmine’s aroma lingers and mellows beautifully, reaching its loveliest state between an hour and two hours after its application, which is why it is best used as a part of a blend. Pair it with rose essential for an exquisite, refined and feminine aroma, or with other essential oils of your choosing for an exceptional floral blend: it will add depth, character and a distinctive, unforgettable quality to any scent. You can also use it in a massage bar, oil, or diffuse it for a wonderful yet underrated scent.

  • Jojoba oil, 95%
  • Jasmine, 5%
  • 5ml
  • 100% pure&natural

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