Jade Gua Sha (tooth shape)

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Jade Gua Sha (tooth shape)

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese therapeutic practice widely used throughout the past centuries. Therapists scrape or rub gently specific areas on the patient’s body until their skin turns to red; sometimes, the patient’s skin turns a dark, almost purple shade of red, which signals that the treatment brought toxins to the body’s surface. From Western point of view, gua sha is a form of intense deep tissue massage.

Gua sha can effectively relieve muscle tension, muscle pain, cough, and nausea.

Jade gua sha make excellent, cruelty-free alternatives to bull’s horn based gua sha. They make excellent tools for both body gua sha and facial massage. Because jade is hard but also smooth and pleasant to the touch, jade gua sha are perfect for facial massage.

Available in a variety of shapes, including crown-shaped and tooth-shaped gua sha. The color of the jade may differ from the image

Size: 2"x3"


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