Grapeseed Massage Oil 30ml

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Grapeseed Beauty Oil 30ml, Divine Essence

Grapeseed beauty oil rebalances and rejuvenates the skin. It leaves no residue as it penetrates the epidermis. Non-greasy, it is particularly welcome as a massage oil and for mixed or oily skin types. Rich in linoleic acid and Omega 6, it is beneficial for mature or damaged skin. It also replenishes over-treated hair and repairs split ends.

Used in both cosmetic and food preparation, Grapeseed vegetable oil is rich in linoleic acid and Omega 6. It works well as a support oil for massage as it penetrates the skin easily.

Apply to the skin or hair. Used as a base for massage oils.

IngredientsVitis vinifera
TypeMassage Oil
Volume30 ml

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