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Damask Rose Floral Water Organic, 110ml DIVINE ESSENCE

Renowned since antiquity for its extraordinary scent, Rose is among the most cultivated of all flowers. Originally native to Syria, there are now more than three thousand cultivars spanning the globe. The damask rose tree is small and prickly with enormous rose blossoms and was introduced to the West during the Crusades. Cherished and acclaimed as a beauty secret of the ancients, Rose floral water (hydrosol) holds hallowed status in cosmetics and perfumery.

Endowed with a powerful perfume all its own, rose also harbours age-defying skin benefits, regenerating, firming and hydrating with dramatic radiant and luminous effects. Rose speeds the healing of unwanted redness and allergic reactions as it calms and soothes troublesome skin outbreaks. Its spectacular perfume, fresh and delicate, delivers subtlety to all your homemade cosmetics.

Shake well before use. Spray onto face and body morning and night. Allow skin to dry after use. Ideal before makeup application and after makeup removal. Do not spray into eyes.


Regenerating and firming anti-aging beauty tonic leaves skin radiant and luminous. Hydrates the skin and helps prevent the signs of aging. Fresh and delicate fragrance.

For external use only.

Botanical nameRosa x damascena
Extraction methodSteam distillation of the flower of organic Rosa x damascena, and guaranteed non reconstituted, without preservatives and emulsifiers.
OdorCharacteristic, reminiscent of flowers
IngredientsDamask rose flower water*, polyepsilonlysine (natural preservative), water, lactic acid, damask rose oil*. *Ingredients from organic farming.
Part usedFlower

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