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Corridor of Lily

Corridor of lily

High-quality big white tea leaves are rolled into balls with various flowers tied inside by hand. Tying tea balls is a time consuming job which usually takes at least one day for the most skilful workers to produce one kilogram of tea balls (approximately 145 balls).

When the tea ball is put into hot water, the flower opens in a couple of minutes. It is fun to have this kind of tea. You can both enjoy the good taste of the tea and the beauty of the flowers.

1 tea ball is around 7g- 8g: $2.50


As well as known, white tea leaf is good for antioxidant, prevent cancer, and heart attack, etc. Each flower also has his property. For example: Jasmine is good for calm down and relax;

Chrysanthemum can treat headache and cold; thousand days red is good for cleaning liver and eyes

Preparation suggestions:

1 ball for 500 ml of water at 95°C; infusing 5 minutes; renewal for 3-5 infusions.

Region: Fu Jian province, China


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