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Biogel Profesional Massage Products is a 100% natural line of gels and creams made in Quebec. Intended for use by professionals, these gels and creams are designed to promote wellness and relaxation in patients. This variety pack lets you sample some of their more popular massage gels and creams before purchasing a full sized bottle. All products offered in this pack are suitable for full-body massage or specific areas (except the Foot Massage Cream).

Included in this pack:

Biogel Relaxation and Detente

This comforting gel is calming, relaxing and can release muscle tension. It is gently scented with lavender and can be paired with salt and sugar scrubs or hot stone massage.

BioGel Muscular and Pulmonary

Scented with eucalyptus, camphor, and wintergreen, this gel is excellent for relieving muscle tension and respiratory issues. It can also be paired with hot stone massage.

Biogel 2

Silky and Long Lasting- Made from dry natural oils, this rich and luxurious gel is non-sticky and leaves a wonderful sensation after it has been applied. It is unscented and works well with a variety of massage techniques including hot stone massage, rain massage, salt and sugar scrubs, and essential oils.

BioGel Rich and Creamy

This unscented cream is incredibly rich and moisturizing, but it isn’t heavy. This non-sticky, light cream moisturizes skin without weighing it down.

Masso Pieds

Scented with rosemary, ginger, and peppermint, this luxurious cream is a wonderful way to soothe sore and aching feet.   

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