Argan Organic Beauty Oil 30ml, Divine Essence

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Argan Organic Beauty Oil 30ml, Divine Essence

Organic argan oil softens, moisturizes, protects and revitalises the skin. One of the least comedogenic oils - with an indicator of 0 on the scale! - argan oil is ideal for use on dry areas of the body, gentle face massages, and for clients with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It makes an excellent alternative to coconut oil, as it has similar properties, but it is also gentler on the skin. 

This oil can be applied directly on the skin, or mixed in with an essential oil to create your very own personalised skin care or massage oil.

  • Fair trade.
  • Grade:Premium: unroasted, unrefined, un-deodorized
  • Part: Nut
  • Organic 30ml
  • Certified by Ecocert Canada
IngredientsArgania spinosa
Part usedNut
TypeMassage Oil
Volume30 ml

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